Sheep Farming Methods

From Pasture to Plate: The Lamb Farming Industry

With millions of sheep grazing the pastures of farmers throughout the United States, it is a fact that lamb farmers are a different kind of breed them

Early History of USA Sheep Farming

Sheep farming as part of self-sufficient economies started back in 1609 when the first sheep arrived in Jamestown. Thirty years later the colony of Vi

Dairy Sheep Farming in the US

When considering dairy farming, the immediate thought would be cows; however, a growing number of farmers are actively farming dairy sheep. In 1987, t

The US Sheep Farming Industry Remains Low

An agriculture consensus done in 2016 revealed some interesting facts regarding the amount of sheep and sheep farms in the US. With a total of 5, 320,

Wool Farming in the USA

While many are undoubtedly under the impression that only lambs are raised well, it is a misconception, as all sheep in the US are raised to the highe

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