Sheep Common Breeds

The World’s Oldest Sheep Breed: Merinos

The Merino is the world’s oldest sheep breed and the most influential. This renowned breed is known by all and originated in Spain in the early 12th c

Theories Regarding the Origin of Sheep Breeds

Various interesting theories exist regarding the origin of sheep breeds around the world. It is a known fact that several sources agree that the moufl

The Rambouillet Is an Influential Sheep Breed in the USA

During the 14th century, the Rambouillet was bred in Northern Africa by the Moors. Immigration by the Moors with their sheep resulted in the appearanc

The Exotic “Corsican” Breed; the American Blackbelly Sheep

The American Blackbelly sheep is a crossbreed that involved the Barbados Blackbelly and the Mouflon. As a hair sheep, the result of the crossbreeding

The Dorset in the USA: Polled and Horned

In the USA you will find it difficult to get a positive result when looking at the Dorset sheep’s origin. It is believed that it is a cross-bred sheep

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