There are so many things that most people do not know about sheep. There are millions of sheep in the UK, but most people associate them with just two things; wool and meat. Here are a few of the most interesting facts about them.

So Many to Choose From

If you were starting your own farm or smallholding, you might be surprised to learn that there are around 10,000 different breeds. This means you would need to think carefully about what you want the sheep for; some species will be better for wool production, for example. Do your research and consider which direction you want your business to go in.

Sheep Sometimes Need Help

Anyone who ever sees a sheep lying on its back should help it to get the right way up again. They need assistance to turn over; otherwise, they can become very distressed. Sheep that do not get any help can die shortly afterwards. Once they are back on their feet, they may need help for a few minutes thereafter because they could still be unsteady. Sheep most at risk of this are the shorter, stockier breeds that have full fleeces or pregnant ewes.

Sheep are Popular in Home Décor

Most people are not aware, but sheep, and lambs, in particular, have become popular subjects in home décor, particularly where people are trying to inject a little country style into their homes. They feature on fabrics that can be used for cushions and other soft furnishings, but they are also popular ornaments and soft toys for children. Children who love sheep and lambs might also want to have them on wallpaper. The range at will include a number of different designs relating to the countryside, including sheep and other farmyard animals. These are ideal for nurseries and bedrooms of young children. They don’t have to be used to decorate the whole room, but even just a feature wall will have an impact.

The range offered by is easy to search, and orders can be delivered very quickly.

Cheese Production

Most people don’t know that sheep’s milk is used to make a number of famous cheeses. These include feta, Roquefort and ricotta. These are some of the most popular cheeses around the world. Sheep’s milk is also used in the production of ice cream and other dairy products.


The first mammal to be cloned was a sheep. Her name was Dolly, and she became the most famous sheep in the world. The cloning took place in 1996, and Dolly lived until 2003. During her life, she became a mother to six lambs, and visitors to the Royal Museum of Scotland can still see her as she was stuffed and is now on display there.