Sheep Artificial Insemination

The Best Outdoor Furniture for Shepherds

Shepherding is one of the oldest professions that is still going strong today. While the methods have become modernised, there are certain aspects of the job that have remained the same. One of these is having to sit out in… Continue Reading →

Factors to Consider Before Adding Sheep Into Your Farm Family

Many of us, especially those living in rural areas with expansive farmland, often ask ourselves many questions regarding the farm animals we should keep in our farms. However, different farm animals will do well in different areas depending on the… Continue Reading →

Starting A Sheep Farming Business

For those who want to specialize in a farming operation one of the opportunities for them to do so is to become involved in sheep farming. Before doing so, however, proper research should be done. This is a big undertaking… Continue Reading →

Laparoscopic Intrauterine and Vaginal Artificial Insemination Methods

When breeders use the laparoscopic AI technique, it allows for the bypassing of the cervical barrier which results in a decreased amount of sperm need

Manipulating the Oestrus

To inseminate ewes, especially when planning to do a flock on a particular day, the entire flockā€™s oestrus cycle requires manipulation for ovulation t

Selecting and Caring for an Ewe Prior to AI

These factors are vital points a breeder should look for when selecting ewes for AI:

The ewe must be healthy and in good condition, not too fat or to

Fascinating Facts About Sheep

Whenever we visit the countryside, or pass luscious green fields while driving, or sitting on a train, it is always uplifting to see beautiful sheep and their offspring, leisurely taking a stroll, or sitting down and soaking up the ambience… Continue Reading →

Advantages of Sheep Artificial Insemination Breeding

Artificial insemination sheep breeding has numerous valid benefits over natural mating, detailed as follows.

The most important factor is the possibi

Negatives of Artificial Insemination in Sheep Breeding

The top negative in artificial insemination (AI) would be the cost, as it is a potentially expensive procedure, as it takes both money and time to syn

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