These factors are vital points a breeder should look for when selecting ewes for AI:

  • The ewe must be healthy and in good condition, not too fat or too skinny either, and since she has half of the genetics already, it is vital to pick ewes that have the best characteristics.
  • It must be ewes that handle easily as it will be less work for you, but more importantly, less stressful for her.
  • She must be between two and six years old, be a good mother and not a lamb, but an experienced ewe
  • A breeder that decides to keep the ewe away from the rest of the herd before the AI procedure, should do so a day or two before the time, to lessen additional separation stress.
  • The ewe must be handled as little as possible when the inseminating time arrives.
  • During the insemination procedure, the ewe must be kept stress free, and it must be done as gently as possible.
  • Do not subject the ewe to unnecessary stress or have her trailered from 48 hours before insemination up to 45 days after insemination.