The World’s Oldest Sheep Breed: Merinos

The Merino is the world’s oldest sheep breed and the most influential. This renowned breed is known by all and originated in Spain in the early 12th c

Manipulating the Oestrus

To inseminate ewes, especially when planning to do a flock on a particular day, the entire flock’s oestrus cycle requires manipulation for ovulation t

Selecting and Caring for an Ewe Prior to AI

These factors are vital points a breeder should look for when selecting ewes for AI:

The ewe must be healthy and in good condition, not too fat or to

Early History of USA Sheep Farming

Sheep farming as part of self-sufficient economies started back in 1609 when the first sheep arrived in Jamestown. Thirty years later the colony of Vi

Dairy Sheep Farming in the US

When considering dairy farming, the immediate thought would be cows; however, a growing number of farmers are actively farming dairy sheep. In 1987, t

Theories Regarding the Origin of Sheep Breeds

Various interesting theories exist regarding the origin of sheep breeds around the world. It is a known fact that several sources agree that the moufl

Fascinating Facts About Sheep

Whenever we visit the countryside, or pass luscious green fields while driving, or sitting on a train, it is always uplifting to see beautiful sheep and their offspring, leisurely taking a stroll, or sitting down and soaking up the ambience… Continue Reading →

The Rambouillet Is an Influential Sheep Breed in the USA

During the 14th century, the Rambouillet was bred in Northern Africa by the Moors. Immigration by the Moors with their sheep resulted in the appearanc

The Exotic “Corsican” Breed; the American Blackbelly Sheep

The American Blackbelly sheep is a crossbreed that involved the Barbados Blackbelly and the Mouflon. As a hair sheep, the result of the crossbreeding

The US Sheep Farming Industry Remains Low

An agriculture consensus done in 2016 revealed some interesting facts regarding the amount of sheep and sheep farms in the US. With a total of 5, 320,

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